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Manuals and Guides

Stylish Writing Manuals and Guides: Coming Soon!

A-Z Guide

Grammar and Style for Writers

This guide deals with grammar and stylish writing tips for English writers who are advanced or who have English as a first language.

A-Z Guide

Proofreading texts

This guide consists of aspects to consider when proofreading: abbreviations, capitalization, numbers, dates and time, punctuation, spelling, and more.

A-Z Guide

Vocabulary for Writers

Two guides: one about commonly confused words for advanced English writers or those whose first language is English, and one about commonly confused words for those whose second or third language is English.

A-Z Guide

Grammar for Writers

This guide deals with grammar points for writers with English as a second or third language (B2+)

A-Z Guide

Tools and Resources for Writers

These are the main tools and resources, including Artificial Intelligence, for writers in international organizations.

Trainers’ Manual for Writing Courses

For trainers preparing writing courses for participants in international organizations or working in government.

Exercises for Writers with Answer Key

These exercises with answer key deal with points raised in the A-Z guides.