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More AI tools for writers

Recently we looked at ChatGPT to redraft our text. I asked people to send me other recommendations.

DeepL Write

One student reported using DeepL Write as an alternative to ChatGPT.

This tool has two columns side by side. You cut and paste your original text into the column on the left and then choose your style from the drop down box. The choices are between simple, business, academic or technical.

The results are sometimes convoluted texts or texts that are too formal. Look carefully at what they suggest before deciding whether to accept the results or not. Here are three examples from students’ work. See what DeepL Write did to improve them.

Plastic and garbage littering is one of the main ocean pollution problems that is a result of the irresponsible behaviour of human beings.

DeepL Write:  Academic style

Ocean pollution caused by plastic and garbage littering is a significant problem resulting from human behaviour.

DeepL Write:  Technical style

Irresponsible human behaviour is a major cause of ocean pollution, particularly through the littering of plastic and garbage.

Original: During this year 2020 marked by a strategic shift of the WHO agenda.

DeepL Write:  Business style
During this year 2020, the WHO agenda underwent a strategic shift.

Original: Since January 2022 I joined WHO in Afghanistan.

DeepL Write: I joined WHO in Afghanistan in January 2022.

Try it out with your sentences and see what results you get.

Carol Waites (PhD)
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Presentation/editing by Christina O’Shaughnessy (editor)

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