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Some prepositions with time

in, at, by, for, on, over, until, during, from, to

Which are used for time spans? for pinpointing time? for a deadline? for denoting before a time, rather than a deadline? for holiday periods? for days, months, years?

Test yourself and see if you can use each preposition at least once

  1. ‑— Monday
  2. — July
  3. — 2024
  4. — 2022 — 2024
  5. — Friday COB*
  6. — Easter, Christmas
  7. — the summer
  8. — 2.30 — 3 p.m.
  9. — 4 p.m.

Answer key

  1. on Monday (time), by Monday (deadline), until Monday (up to, before)
  2. in July (time), by July (deadline), from July (starting point), over July (during that period, time span), until July (up to, before July)
  3. in 2024, during 2024, until 2024 (up to, before)
  4. from 2022 to 2024 (time span)
  5. by Friday COB (deadline), until Friday COB (up to, before)
  6. at Easter, at Christmas (pinpoint time), over Easter, over Christmas (time span), during Christmas (time span), until Christmas (up to, before)
  7. in the summer (pinpoint time), over/during the summer (time span), until the summer (up to, before)
  8. from 2.30 to 3 p.m. (time span)
  9. at 4 p.m. (pinpoint time), by 4 p.m. (deadline), until 4 p.m. (up to, before)

* COB = close of business

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